Friday, May 29, 2009

Free Bible Curriculum for all ages

We've always done family worship, but I didn't always focus on a specific bible curriculum or study for our homeschool subjects. I figured, hey we are doing family worship and most of the curriculum I use is Christ-centered, so do we really need a separate curriculum? I became convicted that, it was just not enough. It's more important than ever to be immersed fully in the word!

I love the word of God! I have heard so many people refer to the Bible as a good reference, but very outdated for these current times. ARE THEY CRAZY? The word of God is and always will be a timeless guide for those of us seeking to live our lives to it's full potential and purpose. Life is tough and can be full of disappointments and challenges along the way, but for every challenge, there is an answer in the word.

Here is a list of various links that include Bible Study, games, videos,etc that can assist in your daily walk. I hope you love these links. If you have any additional resources, please feel free to post them in the comment section. (free English and Spanish lessons)



    is a good one we use often. It's downloadable and you can download many other versions, concordances, devotionals, literature. It's loaded, and it really doesn't take up that much room on your hard drive, even if you download lots of it's accompaniments.

  2. great sites thanks so much.

    those who think the bible outdated have no idea. It is as relelvant today - if not more- as it was when it was first printed.

    Love your music,btw, so happy and soothing.I may sit here adn listen a bit:-)

  3. Thank you! I feel the same way and have been searching for links like these. Some of them I had not seen before.

  4. thank you!!! Just found some French help for a class I'm tutoring.

  5. We use Very in-depth teaching. Always in context. Super well-researched. Has turned my middle-school and high-schoolers into voracious Bible-readers.