Thursday, July 28, 2011

A chance to win free Computer Programming Software

Hey everyone! I wanted to tell you about this great prize giveaway I just signed up for! As you know, one of my links is to this great site called Freely Educate. If you have a computer enthusiast at home or are just trying to fulfill a high school technology requirement, you should check out this contest.

From their site:

"Do you have a computer enthusiast in the house, but just thinking about teaching him or her makes your head ache and your typing fingers hurt? If so, you'll be happy to know that some very smart people created computer programming courses for kids & teens, specifically for homeschoolers and - best of all - without you needed to help teach.

And guess what? They want to give a full curriculum to two Freely Educate readers! I'll tell you how to enter the giveaway in a bit. First, here is more about TeenCoder and KidCoder:

Using KidCoder and TeenCoder, students in grades 4th-12th learn Windows and Game Programming using industry-standard Visual Basic and C# languages. The self-study courses may be completed by your student at his/her pace. All courses come with fully coded activity solutions; no teacher expertise required. Each course includes a perfect-bound 8.5 x 11" textbook and enclosed CD with professional setup program.

Homeschool Programming, Inc. wants to send out a package to two winners who may choose from these two options:

KidCoder: Windows Programming curriculum + Instructional Video ($85 value)

TeenCoder: Windows Programming curriculum + Instructional Video ($90 value)"

ok, that's all for now. If you're interested, pop over to their site and enter for your chance to win:

Freely Educate

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Great, Inexpensive Prep Test options

Hi All,

I know it is summer-time and the last thing on your mind is any type of SAT prep classes! Heads up to those of you with upcoming tenth graders: Th PSAT tests are administered in October and open to all tenth graders. The PSAT is a great practice test for the SAT and is also the first step in qualifying your children for possible scholarships (to include the National Merit Scholarship). If you have your child/children practice 1-2 hours a day on the PSAT prep, it will help them feel more comfortable about the upcoming exam.

Just wanted to let you know about a resource I found that has PSAT, ACT and SAT prep as well as literature guides. This site is wonderful and if you use the code SHMOOPLUV333 (all caps) you will get 10% off your bill. This site is also filled with many free resources as well. Just thought I would pass the information along. Check it out at: