Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Grammar.....hmmm, some of us cringe, when we think about teaching grammar. Ugh...are my kids going to get this, is this going to be as painful as pulling teeth?

Some of us LOVE grammar, what's not to love, right? The flow of the English language, the diagramming of sentences... ah :-)

Grammar is a very important (and often very neglected) subject, but it can be a difficult subject to teach, and many of us are very intimidated by it.

Well, that's all about to change; Are you looking for a fun, relaxing way to cuddle up with your children and teach basic grammar? Well I have found it, and guess what, I'm going to share it with you :-).

I have to put forth the following disclaimer before I share this resource: This is not intended to replace a formal grammar program, but if you use this along with worksheets, your children will really enjoy it, you will really enjoy it, and they will have a very good grasp on basic grammar. That said, let me tell you about our experience with Grammarland, written by M.L. Nesbitt.

I came across this book this past January on the freebies of the day website (link to their site is in the homeschool links section), but it is also available on other websites as well. It is a classic novel written in 1878, and is what I like to warmly refer to as "a living book".

Living books are usually written in story form by an author who has a passion for the subject. A living book makes the subject come to life. In Grammar-Land, we are taught about the 9 parts of speech by wonderful characters such as: Judge Grammar, Mr. Noun, Mr. Pronoun, Little Article, Mr. Adjective, Little Interjection, Dr. Verb and so on. It is a wonderful story that follows the adventures and disagreements of the various parts of speech, as they parade in front of Judge Grammar to plead their case. The children of Schoolroom-Shire are given tasks to figure out in each chapter.

Our children LOVE this book! They can't wait to do our lesson on grammar, and it truly warms mom's heart when I hear "mom, can we do grammar today?"

To get your own free copy, check out

Don't forget to download your free worksheets for grammar (check out the links under Homeschool links)


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    This is a beautiful blogspot. Very inspirational. Thank you so much. The music is esceptional as well.

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    Deborah Betancourt
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  2. Thank you so much Deborah, thank you taking the time to read my blog! Blessings!