Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Free Places to go/ Things to do in your hometown?

Hi all, this is a little detour from my regular entries. I live in an area that is great and has lots of free things or inexpensive things to do around town. If you would be so kind, I am trying to compile a list of free things to do or interesting places to go around the states and the world. Will you guys help me out with this? If you wouldn't mind, will you please send me your favorite places to visit in your area that are either free or inexpensive? If you have friends who are also homeschoolers, please invite them to send me info also. Let's see if we can hit every state at least once, thanks!


  1. I live in San Antonio, Texas. A favorite place to visit for free is the San Antonio Riverwalk. It's beautiful during this time of the year. Along the Riverwalk there are many kinds of shops to look around in - craft, boutique, and art shops. There's usually music playing from a store or outside restaurant, which makes the walk nicer. And there are lots of friendly people with big smiles to talk to!

  2. Hi Laura, thanks for commenting! I LOVE San Antonio, I think it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world :-). The people are incredibly friendly and there are lot's of things to do. Thank you for your submission.

  3. I am going to post about several different places that I know have free activities.

    Boston, MA
    The USS Constituion and Museum
    The Museum of Fine Arts - on Wednesday evening after 4pm. This is sponsored by a local company and could end but in the 7 years we have been going it has never been a problem.

    Groton, Connecticut
    The USS Nautilus submarine & museum - The Nautilus is the first nuclear powered vessel.

    Baltimore, MD
    Walters Art
    Baltimore Art Museum

    Washington, DC
    Smithsonian museums
    The Navy Museum at the DC Navy Yard

    Walterboro, South Carolina
    Walterboro Air Field - the actual airfield where the Tuskgee Airman learned to fly.

    Atlanta, GA
    Martin Luther King Historic site - there are 2 different sites one run by the National Parks the other run by the King Foundation. You can see his home, church and his Nobel Peace Prize!
    There is also a walking path connecting the King site to the Jimmy Carter site.

    I will post more stuff as it comes to me.