Sunday, March 29, 2009

Featured Product of the Week

State History from a Christian Perspective

This is a great website with wonderful products that teach State History from a Christian perspective. The thing I really like about this site is the fact that you can customize your state Geography curriculum in whatever way you like.

This site offers products that focus on each individual state, or all 50 states. We really like the 50 states under God workbook. This workbook:
  • Presents the 50 states in the order of statehood! The lesson schedule (included) is combined with a time line and a progressive map study showing the chronological growth of our nation.
  • Includes the most interesting and important things from all of the 50 state history textbooks to give your student, from a Christian perspective, the "flavor" of the early days of our country and to teach important lessons from history.
  • Includes 4 quizzes and 1 test over the growth of the U.S. and the identification of states and capitals on a map (answers are included).
  • Includes four pages on each state: a page of interesting facts, two fun work-pages on which your student fills in important data using information given in the appendix, and a historical highlight page.
This is really nice for people who have children that really like the hands on approach (even if your children are not normally hands on, they will like this)! My children are able to take the workbook and work on their own without assistance. I usually give them a quiz to see if they have retained the information, and they eagerly take and pass the quizzes. It's amazing the amount of things they can tell you about each state.

The only downside: They don't have a workbook for World Geography (stay tuned, I'll have a review on a very nice World Geography curriculum)

click here to download free sample pages.

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  1. Thank you so much for all of the homeschool links you have listed in the sidebar & for the state history review - there's some stuff here I've never seen before & I'm an avid internet researcher - thanks!!!!