Friday, February 17, 2012

Hello and Math here we go!

Hello all,

I see it has truly been a while since my last post and I truly apologize for that! I have had so many projects on my plate over the past year and a half, but God is good all the time! The children are now seventh and tenth grade, and my two books are coming along well (not as quickly as I had first anticipated, but I am loving the journey!!!)

I was at a mom's support night meeting tonight when a discussion came up about Math products.

Over the years I have heard so many cries of frustration from either parents with children who struggle with Math or parents who can't afford the cost of some the wonderful quality program like Teaching Textbooks or Chalkdust. Well I heard you and I am happy to say that I recently discovered a computer-based math program that may be a good solution for everyone.

This high-quality math academic instruction software is used by schools as well as individual homeschoolers or homeschool cooperatives(I have included a screenshot from their website).

It can be found on the website:

Please note: this is not to be confused with This is a separate program not affiliated with

I tested these products on my own children and I found that they actually work really well. They are engaging, easy to understand and they break each concept down step by step so that the child knows exactly how to attack the problem. It then gives the student every opportunity to practice various problems of the concept until that student feels comfortable enough to take the lesson test. There are approximately 5-7 lessons for each unit, and a unit test at the end. This program even has it's own record-keeping section! Print your report by date, grade, concept, etc and you are done.

I used to hear groans before each math lesson, now...the kids happily complete their math assignments.

This program retails for approximately $50.

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